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*The contents of sleeping knowledge are quoted from Shen Zhou.

QQ Is it better for kids to sleep on hard bed?

Have you ever considered the answers to the following questions as a parent? The spine of kids hasn’t fully developed yet and it is the critical period for physiological flexion. It’s quite possible that the improper mattress will affect the development of their shape. They need a comfortable and suitable mattress with perfect support. Whatever the material is, the mattress with the spring technology as the core, such as Sealy mattress of America, will give parents the perfect answer.

QQ Some tips for selecting mattress

1: Lie on the mattress without any pillow and keep your legs unbend and raise the legs alternately at the angle less than 45 degrees for ten times. See you feel very difficult. You may also observe whether the mattress is too hard when lying on it.

2: Check whether it is difficult to turn over at random.

3: Lie on the side with a pillow and check whether the spine is in alignment.

4: Pillow shall be chosen as per your mattress. Double bed doesn’t necessarily need the same pillow. As to the pillow for you to lie on your back, please pay attention to the one-fist height, that is to say, our nape needs a height of one-fist from the bed.

In this way, you will have a wonderful carrier to support your sleep!

QQ Which side should pregnant women sleep on?

There is no particular requirement for early pregnancy period, but when it comes to the late pregnancy period, the spine of the baby has taken the initial shape and the expectant mother needs to pay attention to the sleeping posture. As a matter of fact, sleeping on either side has little to do with the position of heart, except for expectant mother with heart disease; the direction of sleeping on left or right side depends on the direction of baby’s spine. Sleeping on either side is all right during the early pregnancy, but the baby tends to have preference for the direction of sleeping during the late pregnancy when the baby’s spine is taking shape. The baby likes the security of being hugged and the sleeping posture following the direction of the spine; otherwise, the baby will have the sense of dangling and become naughty, and even make a fuss. The right selection of mattress is quite beneficial to the pregnant women and babies.

QQ The price of charm---love and hate for high heels

There may be huge hidden problems for the feet behind the attractive appearance. How to prevent damages from high heels?

1. The relatively low heels will be safer and the heel shape is also very important;

2. Reduce the frequency of wearing high heels and avoid wearing high heels in the improper activities;

3. Ask the shoemaker or foot specialist to transform the new shoes so as to fit the shape of your feet;

4. Cushion the insoles for the high heels and choose the shoes with a larger size;

5. Wear the shoes with loose tiptoe and try to avoid the leather shoes with pointed toes; choose the shoes suitable for you, instead of letting your feet fit your shoes.

Choosing shoes is just like choosing mattress and only the comfortable one can be the best!

QQ Many people tend to have stiff neck in sleep, how to solve the problem?

The pillow and mattress are chosen based on the body shape of everyone, instead of the weight, then the pillow chosen needs to fit your mattress, the width of your shoulders and the curve of your neck and head. The basic concepts are pillow is used to support your cervical vertebra, more than just support for your head.

QQ. Nowadays many kids are hunchbacked without straight body shape. What needs to be noticed for kids of puberty in sleep?

The formation of hunchback and scoliosis is not only the bedding problem for sleep, and parents should also objectively observe the kids’ posture when doing homework, reading habits and exercise habits etc. However, from the angle of parents, it is necessary to choose mattress for kids with the same attitude of choosing adults’ mattress. Kids need to choose spring mattress and the suitable pillow according to the mattress.

QQ The elders often say that sleeping on hard bed is good for health, is that true? What kind of mattress on earth is the best for human body?

Of course, it is not true that hard bed is good for your health. From a global perspective, hard bed is more popular in Asia or tropical region, featuring durability, anti-pest and anti-fungus, quite suitable for hot and humid weather. Such kind of bed is the standard configuration in China during the underdeveloped age. The spine of human body has four curves, namely cervical anteflexion, thoracic retroflexion, lumbar anteflexion and sacrococcygeal retroflexion. If the kids whose spine curves are still in the puberty period sleep on the hard bed for a long time, it is not hard to imagine the flat head and flat bottom of many kids sleeping on hard bed for long. So we can see that hard bed will help your kids effectively eliminate the healthy curves, with great harm. But for the old people, due to their habit of sleeping on the hard bed for long during their childhood, their waist and bottom region is just flat, since such bad curves have formed, they will feel it very difficult to sleep on the mattress with spring. The best mattress for our spine is spring mattress because the bearing strength in different parts has different demand and support with the influence of action and reaction. Among the spring mattresses, Sealy is highly recommended. Sealy’s SRx can provide the support from soft degree to hard for you and make the corresponding adjustment according to the postural change during sleep process, very ergonomic.

QQ It is frequently said that the more you sleep, the more you will be sleepy, what’s the cause?

There are many causes for such phenomenon. Let’s talk about the non-organic cause. Generally speaking, sleep has a sleep cycle and the complete sleep cycle consists of five stages, namely falling asleep, shallow sleep, fast asleep, deep sleep and rapid eye movement. Throughout the cycle, the more the deep sleep is, the better the sleep quality is. Shallow sleep and dreaminess of many people result from the sleep cycle and the stage when they wake up. Waking up at the proper time is the key to whether we become sleepier when we sleep more.

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