Service Zone

Service Zone


Newly-added metal security mark
From October of 2019
At the bottom right of footboard facing the headboard

Products covered: all the leather bedstead, leatheraire bedstead

Note: It appears on the inner side of products for the washable
cloth bed of Arcadia and Joliet, not shown outside.


Security mark for bedstead and bed board
From October of 2019
2 centimeters from the left side of the front
handle for bed board

Cover every bed board


Position of the LOGO of black rubber material
On the back of bedstead and headboard
and the side of headboard

With the words of “legends exclusive for Sealy”
The position of the Logo shall be slightly different for different bedstead styles


Position of security code for Sealy bedstead
(Security code has been placed at Sealy bedstead and bedside table since August of 2018.
The position of security code is shown in the following figure.)
Headboard position

Left waistline of headboard---sewing technology

Bedside table

Right side inside the first drawer---pasting technology

Security code can identify authenticity through the following approach
Verification procedures for consumers

Step one

Scrape off the anti-counterfeiting coating and use WeChat to scan the QR code

Step two

Enter into verification interface, input the security code and verification code

Step three

The initial verification shows genuine, and non-initial verification shows repetition.

If you have any doubt about the product you purchased, you may make a query through the official hotline or e-mail
(Service time: 9:00-18:00 during working days)

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