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QQ What if the mattress delivered has heavy smell?

Due to the material reason of the fabrics and padding, the new mattress may present more obvious smell than the mattress displayed in the store. But all the raw materials of mattress are used after inspection and the smell of the material won’t do harm to the human body. You can put the mattress in the good ventilated place and the smell will disappear soon.

QQ What happens to the collapsed mattress with poor support?

The various materials in the comfort layer will be consumed during the daily use of mattress. So it is advisable to exchange the two ends of the mattress in use every two weeks in the first three months and then every three months after the first three months. The waist and hip part is usually softer than other parts and the collapse of comfort layer has an allowed range as per the different height of mattress, about 2 to 3 centimeters (national standard range).

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact the after-sales department of Sealy at 400-821-0867.

QQ There is deviation for the size of mattress and the same is true with the specific dimension, what’s the matter?

According to the national standards and industrial standards, the dimension variation of the mattress products within 1 centimeter for the length and width and 1.5 centimeters for the height conforms to the standards, not belonging to the quality problem. All the inner bed frames in the existing industry are enlarged for 2 to 3 centimeters, for one thing, to better fit the mattress; for another, to leave enough space for the bedding.

QQ Special Precautions for Mattress in Use

① The comfort layer of mattress will present great loss after a period of use (one to three months), which is the normal phenomenon (comfort layer is made of soft material) and won’t have impact on the daily use;

② Sealy mattress possesses the orthopedic function to rectify the previous bad sleeping posture, which may make some users experience discomfort in the first one to five weeks. But just continue to use it. When the rectification is completed after five weeks, your body will gradually get used to it and feel rather comfortable;

QQ Tips for Mattress Maintenance

①Mattress handling shall prevent excessive deformation (especially when entering into the narrow elevator), with the bending angle greater than 125 degrees.

② The plastic packing bag of the mattress in use shall be removed. Try to put the mattress in the dry and good ventilated environment to avoid moisture.

③ In case of any stain on the mattress in use, avoid direct washing with water or detergent.

④ Please select the proper bedstead. Using the bedstead lack of support will lead to collapse of your mattress.

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